Therapeutic Massage

The moment you enter The House of Healing, you will immediately begin to relax.

Our peaceful and calming atmosphere is both serene and reassuring; a welcome escape from the busy world outside. Our gifted, professional therapists offer a variety of massage therapies and treatments that compliment one another; providing you with a powerful, positive, wellness experience.

Professional Massage Therapy - Redmond, Oregon

Massage Therapy

Massage and bodywork, aromatherapy, self-care education, and other drug-free or alternative care modalities can be enjoyed as individual therapies or combined into a holistic treatment package.

$85 Per Hour  – The ultimate in deep tissue massage, Ashiatsu is a flowing, westernized blend of Indian Keralite massage, South Pacific barefoot massage, and traditional barefoot Shiatsu with powerful, yet relaxing western-style Swedish strokes.

$85 Per Hour  – Often called, “lazy man’s yoga”, Thai massage delivers a blend of passive stretching and compression. Clients wear loose or stretchy clothing and receive this traditional form of bodywork on a padded mat on the floor. Thai massage is the perfect adjunct to deep tissue work, but functions well as a stand-alone treatment as well. While a relatively gentle form of bodywork, Thai massage helps to greatly increase flexibility and joint range of motion.

$85 Per Hour  – Hot Stone Massage incorporates heated basalt stones into a Swedish massage for deeper relaxation (via strategic placement) or to allow for deeper work within a deep tissue massage.  Either way, this treatment provides a luxurious indulgence of the senses, and relaxing therapy for the body.




Thai Massage

Dating back several thousands of years, traditional Thai massage, often called, “lazy man’s yoga”, delivers a unique blend of passive stretching and rhythmic compression along muscle bellies, as well as acupressure points.


Ashi-Thai Massage

Ashi-Thai is a newly blended massage technique incorporating traditional Thai stretching and deep compression work. This blend is powerfully effective (while still preserving the meditative and relaxing qualities of a traditional Thai massage).


Cupping & Scraping

While all cupping methods use negative pressure, the aim of stationary “fire cups” is general detoxification, whereas the focus of “cupping massage” targets specific muscle fibers, for releasing muscle tension, realigning fiber patterns, and even breaking up adhesions. Scraping uses a tool to break up stuck areas in the upper areas of the muscles and connective tissues while cupping generally targets the deeper tissues.


Spa Treatments

The House of healing offers paraffin dips, helpful for soothing arthritic hand and foot joints, hydrating and softening skin, as well as sugar and salt scrubs. Body scrubs offer a luxurious exfoliation, assisting in detoxification and the creating of fresh new cell regeneration. These treatments are also called "glows", as the skin radiates health, feeling smooth and fabulous.


Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage relieves many of the typical discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, leg cramps, headaches and general edema. In addition, massage reduces stress on weight-bearing joints, encourages circulation, helps to relax muscle tension, and can lift mood issues caused by hormonal changes.


Facial Cupping

Facial cupping is an extremely relaxing treatment that feels rather luxurious, yet can be very effective in helping to relieve sinus pressure and other inflammatory issues, as well as reducing headaches and pain associated with TMJ.

“Julie’s extensive knowledge and intentionality in helping heal my body has been incredible. She is kind, thoughtful, and very effective. I’m so thankful she is local to Central Oregon, as her business is officially my go-to spot! I HIGHLY recommend booking with her.”


Slow down. Relax. Take time to invest in yourself; there’s only one YOU!

As most of us are easing back into increased workloads, (post-COVID) now is the perfect time to boost our overall health and immune systems.

During the month of June, enjoy a deluxe package – including 2 hours of massage with an add-on raindrop* session ($225 value) for only $175.

*Standard raindrop sessions include 10 single oils (each of which supports a different body system) as well as 2 proprietary blends of Young Living essential oils.

Please block out an extra 30 minutes to accommodate the raindrop portion of this therapy session.

Simply mention when you book your massage with me at (541) 280-2535

A valid Credit Card will be required to reserve your 2.5-hour massage time.