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Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy


Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy


Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy

Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy is a graceful and westernized barefoot massage adaptation created from both Asian and Indian roots, dating back thousands of years.

Therapists use parallel bars anchored in the ceiling (or an elaborate portable structure) for balance to deliver broad compression strokes as well as localized deep tissue work – from both sitting and standing positions – using both hands and feet. Pressure is easily adapted as the therapist simply shifts her weight – from 1 lb of pressure to over 100, tailored to exactly what you need and desire each visit.

While more like a “dance”, this form of massage is not only extremely relaxing, but also “deceptively deep”. Rather than the often standard use of thumbs and often painful elbows driving into your body, the barefoot massage therapist can slowly and subtly sink in to deeper muscle layers, so you feel a more muted and comfortable pressure. This is extremely different from the sharper localized pressure delivered by standard deep tissue work, where the therapist is using elbows and thumbs forced into muscle bellies.

Many clients fall fast asleep while receiving this very deep and specific therapeutic treatment, so this can prove to be an extremely productive yet still pampering deep tissue style. World renowned as the “deepest and most luxurious massage on the planet”, developed by Ruthie Hardee (founder, 1999)

*Due to the compression involved, this is not an appropriate style to employ during pregnancy or over any implants introduced into the body within the past 9 months.

“Julie is easily the best, most thorough massage therapist I’ve ever worked with. I had seen her previously for a massage focused on relaxation and sports recovery, which was fantastic. I am currently dealing with the lingering effects of a car accident, and Julie’s extensive knowledge and intentionality in helping heal my body has been incredible. She is kind, thoughtful, and very effective. I’m so thankful she is local to Central Oregon, as her business is officially my go-to spot! I HIGHLY recommend booking with her.”


Slow down. Relax. Take time to invest in yourself; there’s only one YOU!

As we move into colder weather, less fresh produce easily available, the business of holidays upcoming, now is the perfect time to boost our overall health and immune systems.

During the month of January, enjoy a deluxe package – including 2 hours of massage with an add-on fire cupping session ($225 value) or Salt/Sugar Scrub for only $175.

Please block out up to extra 20-30 minutes to accommodate the additional fire cupping or Scrub portion of this therapy session.

Simply mention when you book your massage with me at (541) 280-2535

A valid Credit Card will be required to reserve your 2.5-hour massage time.