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Myfascial Release


Myofascial Release


Indulgence for body and mind

Myofascial Release is an extremely light touch delivery of traction to the fascia, sometimes called “unwinding”, when specifically addressing a localized joint. This therapy targets the connective tissues enveloping muscles, tendons, ligaments, and organs, helping to free up restrictive patterns within the body.

Therapist-delivered MFR runs rather opposed to the popular trend of, “foam rolling” and other  tissue smashing techniques used by athletes to try to self treat. While rolling the body over balls and rollers can help move fluids out of the tissues, increase blood flow, and can help with faster recovery and soreness from exercise, it is really not very effective in truly targeting and releasing the fascia itself. 

Understanding the tissue we are seeking to target is imperative before launching into treatment plans.  

Fascia is a soft tissue component of our connective tissue system that permeates the entire human body, forming a continuous, three-dimensional matrix of structural support.  It connects and surrounds all organs, muscles, bones, and nerve fibers, providing support and protection. (Note the shiny thin layer layer of tissue covering a fresh chicken breast for a great visual aid) 

Collagen is the primary structural component of fascia. This resilient protein has many functions and travels uninterrupted through the body, resisting tensile stress within skin, tendons, and ligaments, as well as the coverings of muscle tissues and their various constituent parts.

As light as it is, collagen is proportionally stronger than a STEEL CABLE!. This is part of the reason that simply stretching, and quick, intense “foam rolling” does not properly or thoroughly affect it.  Instead, pressure must be applied in the direction of restriction, while waiting for the body to gently release.  This can sometimes take thirty seconds or more to begin releasing, so patience is key.

Many times dysfunctional areas of fascia are referred to as knots, ropes, adhesions, and scar tissue.  These restrictions arise from a misalignment of tissue due to trauma and injury, poor motor patterns, sedentary lifestyle, inactivity, and emotional distress. Consequently, inflammation occurs and, over time, the connective tissue thickens, resulting in painful restrictions and inflammation.  

By releasing these tissues, we are creating a biochemical and mechanical change that, in turn, provides the opportunity to create more efficient movement patterns in the future. Please note that there may be a burning sensation as the tissue begins to let go.  This is normal and short-lived. 

“My deep healing experience during my massage with Julie was totally unexpected. I came into my appointment with very limited movement in my neck. I was in constant discomfort or pain, but really what was bothering me more was my disappointment and dissatisfaction with my (version of) Christianity. I was wondering if God was even real, to the point of leaving the church in which my husband was an elder. I was going to start a spiritual search all over again. During the massage, Julie asked to pray for me. I agreed and as she prayed silently and rocked my head back and forth, I felt a cloud lifting off my torso, and knew it was called “Sadness”. I had lost my nephew to a heart attack 2 months earlier, and didn’t realize I was still in such grief. After I released the sorrow through tears, hope was restored! I walked out so much lighter and with faith, once again, in God. Since then I have felt an innocent childlike faith blossom in my heart. Oh, and my neck also loosened up wonderfully after she prayed too!

Thank God, He knows how to heal our deepest sorrows. He never gives up or stops loving us. Thank you, Julie, for allowing God to work through your hands.”


Slow down. Relax. Take time to invest in yourself; there’s only one YOU!

I hope this finds you well and enjoying beautiful Central Oregon.

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